Systems Architecture

Just as the lack of business/technology alignment is a major reason for significant project delays and cost overruns, poor system architecture is the root cause of ongoing system outages and unnecessarily complex system environments. Unfortunately, poor system architecture is the gift that keeps on giving; system outages and unnecessarily complex environments are only part of the problem. Over time, poorly architected systems require substantial systems maintenance effort, unnecessarily high system resources, and too much time, effort and costs to make project modifications. Life is too short, and overall IT budgets are too small to waste valuable resources on poorly designed systems.

At JSL, we build systems that last– our business model mandates it. JSL builds long-term business relationships with our clients, the core clients we had ~20 years ago, are the clients we have today. JSL also delivers custom technology solution for a fixed price. We would not be able to deliver fixed price solutions that keep our customers happy for ~2 decades if we didn’t focus on, and deliver exceptionally well architected systems. Our founding partner Jin Lee works tirelessly to ensure that our entire team delivers quality systems that are clean and as simple as possible. This focus on simplicity and clarity ensures quality systems that last and that can be built upon quickly and efficiently.

JSL has a stable of quality architects that work tirelessly with our clients and development teams. Whether our clients engage us to do an independent architectural review or more detailed architectural strategy, or if our architects are working with our development team on a project; JSL Architects keep it simple, clean and efficient in order to deliver professional solutions that meet the JSL standard.