Jin Lee

Vice President and Founding Partner

Jin Lee has an extraordinary track record of high profile architecture, analysis, and project leadership work dating back to 1978 that has taken him all over the world. Jin has worked on projects for Samsung, Honeywell,  NAMSA ( The supply agency of NATO), Air Canada, Ministry of Attorney General Ontario, and Bank of Nova Scotia; to name a few.

His projects are as diverse as his resume and include; architecture, design, development and implementation of commercial electronic banking systems; call center desktop applications, core book of record retail and commercial applications, and Wire Payment Systems.

One of his core areas of expertise is Legacy system modernization, a process that revives an aging legacy application. By modernizing the system without compromising its existing business logic and data, Jin’s clients have been able to significantly extend the life of key applications, eliminating key person risk and allow the application to cleanly integrate with modern technologies and platforms.
In 1997, Jin and his partner John decided to combine their impressive technical skills and start a computer development company; and thus JSL was born.

Jin shows up to the office every day with a smile on his face, which is a constant reminder to the JSL team that anything is possible when you combine, hard work, skill, experience, and a positive attitude.