Graham Down

Architecture Consultant

Graham Down is an exceptionally talented Architecture Consultant. In 2000, he joined the JSL team where he brought an overwhelming amount of experience and skills developed through a long track record of high profile projects while working for companies such as IMB, Nortel, Sun Microsystems, CIBC, and Certapay.

His exceptional skill sets have resulted in him quickly establishing himself as the JSL ‘Go To’ Architect. Since arriving at JSL, he has been involved with nearly every project that has been completed. Some of his major projects have had him Architecting frameworks that are currently being used by dozens of applications. He has also Architected and developed a generic content management UI framework using Eclipse’s RAP (Rich Ajax Protocol). Since then Over 15 applications have been built with it.

Graham does not only dive into his work head first- while off duty he dives the seas of the world. He is a PADI Certified Master Scuba Diver Training and has completed over a dozen specialty diver training certifications.