About Us

When it needs to get done right - the first time

The only way to deliver complex IT business solutions — on time and on budget — is to keep the process simple. Through a combination of discipline, experience and vision, JSL’s team of dedicated professionals excel at building high-quality technology solutions to complex business problems.

How do we do it?

Quick Vision.

Our deep knowledge and vast experience allow us to develop an accurate picture of your needs during the first conversation. We speak your language and ensure that we achieve a true understanding of your business, so there’s no confusion at the beginning of the project or at any other point along the way.

By establishing a clear vision from the outset, we’re able to move quickly and effectively; eliminating wasted effort or missteps and thereby saving you time and money. Our ability to see it quickly is no accident – the JSL team is a group of hand-picked business and IT experts with complementary strengths and first-class skills. You tell us what you need. We deliver the right solution, on time and on budget.

A Fixed Price. A Guaranteed Result.

We not only want to deliver high quality solutions on time and within budget– we have to.  How do we afford to maintain a fixed-price model? By making sure we deliver first-rate solutions every time, with no exceptions. With almost 20 years of business knowledge, our experience across multiple platforms and technologies and our commitment to true partnership means we deliver fast, precise work that reliably meets or surpasses expectations. It also means that we invest the time to understand your business so that we can continue to support you as your [business] grows and your needs expand. We know how to ask the right questions – but more importantly, we know how to listen. We serve your specific needs in the context of your specific environment. We have the knowledge and experience to quickly see what’s needed and the ingenuity to adapt to changes.

Expert Architecting, Early Prototyping, Rigorous Testing.

Our development methodology transforms the traditional Software Development Life Cycle into a more streamlined model that saves time and money. We optimize the overall process by delivering a prototype early in the requirements gathering stage of the SDLC. By front-loading the effort, we prevent unwanted surprises – and unexpected costs – later, and by subjecting the model to rigorous, ongoing testing, we remove potential waste at every stage. It’s this combination that lets us deliver fast, efficient results, and it’s why our clients turn to us again and again.